How to choose your diamond


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A diamond is defined by a color ranging from D to Z. D color is the best color, the whitest white.

We have decided to focus our selection on the E color.
We like to make unique, brilliant and perfect jewellery.

About clarity, the best diamond clarity is IF (internally flawless) also called Loop clean. Which means: no inclusions, the purest diamond there is.

We have selected SI1 clarity diamonds for sale online.
We thus offer diamonds of very good purity at a fair price.

The size of the diamond is an important criterion because the brilliance of the diamond depends on it.

Diamonds sold by HEVVA are cut: excellent or very good. Fluorescence does not affect the quality of the diamond: its color, its brilliance, its clarity. We do not take this criterion into account.

For more information, the guide section presents a file on all the characteristics of the diamond.

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Hevva Joaillerie selects diamonds, with the most beautiful colors, natural and ethical.

Our jewels are sold with a certificate and made in France.
An exceptional jewel for a declaration of perfect love.


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