Choose your ring size

How to choose the right ring size?

When shopping online,

it is essential to know your ring size. ring.
We have therefore selected two simple methods

to estimate your ring size.

We recommend taking your measurements at the end of the day,
to be sure that the ring will suit you in all circumstances.


You need:
• A piece of string.

• A millimeter ruler or tape measure.
To do this, follow these steps:
• Step 1: Wrap a string around the finger that suits you.
The one you have chosen to wear your jewellery. The string should not be
too tight or too loose because in both cases,
the raised waist would not be good.

• Step 2: Tie a knot to obtain a circle.

• Step 3: Measure the distance between the end of the string, on a
flat surface, using your measuring tool.
This distance is your turn finger.

• Step 4: Transfer the measurement to the ring size chart
and determine your ring size.

50 15.92 50
52 16.56 52
54 17.2 54
56 17.83 56
58 18.47 58
60 19.11 60


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